China environment : Air pollution

"Air pollution is nothing new to people living in China, but the recent extreme conditions - referred to by some as the "airpocalypse" - witnessed in Eastern China placed the issue under the scrutiny of international media. On Saturday 12th January, Beijing's real-time, air-quality index broke the magic value of 500µg/m³ (anything above this is recorded as "beyond index") while the US Embassy reported that they had recorded a level of 886µg/m³. Beijing, apparently, was not even the worst-affected city. Yang Jin and Alban Renaud of Adamas law firm say that China has been steadily addressing the issue of air qualité by gradually introducting improved legislation, and believe this recent environmental catastrophe has had the positive effect of pushing the agenda at central government level. However, as they discuss below, the real challenge is not just enacting this legislation but making sure that it is properly enforced. (...)"  

Yang Jin and Alban Renaud - "Goodbye Blue Sky" - EURObiz environment - January/February 2013

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